Status Kesehatan Lansia Yang Bekerja

  • agus setyo utomo poltekkes malang


Abstract: The life expectancy of the population in East Java increased until the period 2015-2020 to
73.2 years. Along with the increase of age followed by a decline in physical ability so it is not uncommon
to health concerns felt by the elderly. However, many elderly are still working to make ends meet. The
purpose of this study to analyze the relationship of elderly activity useful (load activity, physical mobility,
social interaction) with health status. This study was cross sectional study. The population in this
study were all elderly people who work some 215 people. While the sample is mostly elderly people who
work by simple random sampling technique sampling and sample size of 140 respondents. This study
used logistic regression analysis with the results of the independent variables jointly affect the health
status of respondents with significant value Workload (Sig. = 0.000), Mobility (Sig. = 0.010) and
Interaction (Sig = 0.000)). Selection of work for the elderly should not have a heavy workload, there is
no competition and deadlines.

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