Focus and Scope

NUTRITURE JOURNAL  is a national scale journal that contains research articles in the fields of nutrition, health and food. NUTRITURE JOURNAL is expected to become a medium for conveying scientific findings and innovations in the field of nutrition and health to practitioners in the field of nutrition, both those engaged in nutrition education and those engaged in nutrition services in hospitals and health centers, as well as nutrition practitioners in the health service and other institutions.

NUTRITURE JOURNAL  is published three times a year (April, August and December) by the Department of Nutrition, Health Polytechnic, Ministry of Health, Malang.

NUTRITURE JOURNAL is a peer-reviewed journal and open access journal that focuses on nutrition, health and food science. The scope of this NUTRITURE JOURNAL includes aspects:

  • Clinical nutrition : nutraceutical, nutrigenomic, nutrigenetic, malnutrition, nutrition care process(NCP)
  • Community nutrition : malnutrition, nutritional status assessment, food consumption patterns, food security and security, surveillance, development of IEC (information, education, communication)
  • Sports nutrition : sports food, ergogenic aids, assessing athlete nutritional status, providing athlete nutrition
  • Food service management : hygiene and sanitation, food management, food quality management, service management
  • Functional food : food technology, food processing, food additives, local food, functional food, food product development, nutritional content analysis, food additives
  • Pharmaceutical and food analysis : food analysis, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmaceutical and food microbiology, traditional medicine analysis, cosmetic and medical device analysis